Matshelo Savings Account

If you find saving by yourself difficult, saving as a group could be the answer! If you belong to a savings or investment club, travellers club, bikers club, grocery club, school fees club, Sunday Soccer club ,music and jazz club, burial society, church or any other type of group savings; Matshelo Savings Account is a solution that can help your group create its wealth together to help you reach your goals.

What does it offer you?

Matshelo Savings Account is a group savings account which enables people to save as a group.

  • NO Management fee
  • FREE SMS Alerts
  • FREE Cheque Book
  • Up to 5 group members can be set up to receive SMS and Email Alerts
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Free Interim Bank Statements

What do I need to apply?

 Informal Savings Group Constitution

  • Copies of Omang or Passport of Signatories
  • Source of Funds
  • Proof of address of signatories


 Formal Society

  • Constitution
  • Proof of Address
  • Source of Income (Cash flow, Annual Financial Statements, Projected Financials)
  • Omang/Passport, Proof of Address of Signatories

To apply?

Visit your nearest Stanbic Bank Branch.

#PushaMatshelo Tournament

Get your squad together and open a matshelo account.Fund your account with a minimum of P500.00 and register it on Enterprise online.

To enter the draw to participate in the tournament follow the terms and conditions below:


Qualifying Criteria

  • Competition is open to all Matshelo Savings Account holders who meet the qualification criteria
  • Customer shall and fund a Matshelo Savings Account with a minimum opening balance of BWP 500.00 (Botswana Pula five Hundred)
  • The customer shall sign up account up on Enterprise online by (17th November 2017)
  •  Customer to select a team of 10 (ten) members. Team members need not be members of the Matshelo Savings Account but at least 2 (two) members should be members of the Matshelo Savings Account


Customer to send through team details to with the following details: 

  • Team name,
  • Matshelo savings account number
  • Name of team representative
  • Contact details
  • Gender of team players 

Team member details to be received no later than 17th November 2017

There shall be no mixed gender teams. The Bank shall select a team of at least 8 (eight) women and a team of at least 16 (sixteen) men to participate in the tournament.

Team members must not be less that the age of 18 years


Procedure for selection of Successful entries to participate in the tournament

  •  Successful teams which shall participate in the draw shall be chosen through a closed random draw and selection which shall be audited by the Banks internal auditors.
  •  Qualifying entries will be contacted by phone after the internal draw.
  • Unsuccessful entries shall not be contacted by the Bank.


Rules of the tournament 

  • 1st Round: Each participating team shall initially play a double elimination round. A team that loses 2 games shall be eliminated from the competition
  • 2nd Round: The qualifying teams shall play a 1 round quarter final. Teams that lose in the quarter final shall be eliminated from the Competition
  • 3rd Round: The qualifying teams of the 2nd round shall play a 1 round semi final
  • 4th Round: The qualifying teams of the 3rd round shall play the final

The losing teams in the semi-final shall play a losers final for position 3


  • Any team that enters and participates in the tournament enters so at its own risk.
  • Stanbic Bank shall not be liable for any injuries of the team members or teams. The teams and its members shall bear personal liability for any injuries that may be sustained as a result of participating in the tournament

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